Benefits of Massage


Sports massage / Deep tissue therapy is an invigorating form of hands on treatment. It is essential for athletes
and relevant for everyone. You do not have to be participating in sport to feel the benefits of this therapy.

Treatment is tailored specifically for the needs of the individual.


Some of the benefits of sports or deep tissue massage include:

Relieves stress and tension and promotes relaxation
Warms and stretches muscles
Improves flexibility and range of motion
Reduces the risk of injury
Promotes blood flow and helps with removal of lactic acid
Reduces onset of D.O.M.S (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness)
Speeds up recovery time
Extends life of sporting career

Boosts performance


Tight, stiff muscles from training or tension can start to cause more problems increasing the risk of injury. Sports massage can
prevent those injuries occurring and iron out those that have appeared. Deep tissue massage techniques should not be painful

but may prove slightly uncomfortable to some people due to the pressure applied. Soreness in the areas the massage has been

applied to is not unheard of. Yet, if the techniques have been applied correctly, the soreness will quickly disappear, leaving you

a much healthier individual and a more resilient athlete.

Deep tissue massage can help people of all ages and levels of activity to improve their overall health and well being with relief

from muscular pain or tension.

For those of you athletes and non-athletes who suffer from strained muscle tension, muscle cramps and other chronic muscle
pain, you can find lasting relief with deep tissue massage techniques. Since this massage involves appropriate pressure being

applied on the affected areas, it triggers circulation in the area that loosens up the muscles, providing instant relief. Deep tissue

massage techniques involve intensive application of pressure on your body and the therapist often uses her elbows, knuckles and
hands to apply the right amount of pressure to reach the deeper muscle tissues. This action triggers circulation of blood and oxygen

in your body, thereby, releasing toxins trapped underneath. Increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body promotes healing.

Deep tissue massaging techniques help in unseating the deeply held patterns of the muscles in your body. If done correctly, the

massage manages to elongate muscle tissues and therefore, helps realign the body to a correct posture. This leads to an improved

body posture and less tension and discomfort through the body.